Friday, October 10, 2008

Create your gift shop on Cafe Press!

Many artists create gift shops on Cafe Press. This is one of the oldest and most trusted sites on the web for selling your images on useful products.

Once your images are uploaded, the process is simple to create cups, t-shirts, mousepads, carry bags, posters, baby clothing, pet items, yard banners, teddy bears, Christmas ornaments, you name it!

Cafe Press has the largest selection of items for your art that you can imagine. And they're constantly upgrading and adding to the inventory items you can create. Many artists make a living from Cafe Press. Check their forums to learn how it's done.

Cafe Press has infini stitch items, black t-shirts, outerwear, and more. They back their products, if a customer is unhappy, the merchandise is guaranteed. Click the link below to sign up for a shop today. You'll be uploading images in 10 minutes time and creating products soon thereafter!

Design and Sell Merchandise Online for Free

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