Friday, October 10, 2008

Artists, generate an income from your own artwork.

Creating doesn't end when your painting is finished! Once you've layered the final color and you know the painting is done, the work begins. Now it's time to get creative with ways to generate an income from your artwork

One way to insure your work is seen, is to spread it around. There are many sites on the internet where you can upload your work, create a free website, and your work will sell there through prints, cards, t-shirts and other items.

You can go to redbubble here: Buy art

I like this site for it's ease of use. Uploads are quick, even on slow dial up, the connection is rarely broken.

The products created on Red Bubble are excellent quality and Red Bubble backs them up. You can create t-shirts, giclee prints, cards, calendars and more.

Another plus to the Red Bubble site, your work is showcased there in a website you create, complete with shopping cart and your pricing. It's all free, and you can upload an unlimited number of images. Your images can be photography, or paintings.

Red Bubble has several widgets you can place on your blog and websites. The widgets are attractive and quick loading. They showcase your work and direct customers to your Red Bubble site. There are forums at Red Bubble, where you can connect with other artists, keep up with the latest trends and get help when you need it.


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